Tuesday, November 23, 2010

weird and wonderful!

weird and wonderful
this is a sweet picture.! i like girls who can pull off short hair! could I??
and i have a girl crush on Cary Mulligan
I love being held more then anything, it is all about just sitting there and felling warmness all around you. Marilyn Monroe. Laurence oliver
i can't help my self ether to mix bitter and sweet! Gary Cooper
some times it is not the face that we see at all. The Beatles
this is a amazing picture. James Dean. i love when he wheres his glasses
Cary Mulligan. Lacey!
Marilyn Monroe Shopping for ties.
Fred Astaire Rita Hayworth. i am gonna start Dancing everyday!
Rita Hayworth
I love when i see someone smile a real smile! Elvis
I need to start sewing again. Elizabeth Taylor

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A dancing mind!

it's like a reminder "no matter what, things are going to chane and grow"! a walk in the rain can be most dramatic and most humbleing

I want to lie on a beach and be warm with no effort

denim screams cool!

i am streching everyday. so this is a insparation to me! thank you marissa for being awesome!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Rita Hayworth
I can't get the idea of danceing out of my head!
beach. bridge, city lights, perfect!
Elizabeth Taylor is amazing looking!
walking alone in the snow is very familiar
the contrast between black, and her is beautiful (Bridgett bardot)
Marilyn Monroe. this is one of the most vulnerable pictures i have ever seen
Dean Martin Audrey Hepburn. there is no reason not to be affectionate

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet tooth

I woke up this morning and i had a Strong craving for sweets! i ended up looking up pictures of desserts, like the beautiful cookies (yes they are called cookies)apparently sweet tooths run in my family, my grand pa is a sucker for ice cream....so am i ;)
I Love the Color green, But not by it self, it needs another color to show it off, (like a dancing partner) and i think this picture is a great romantic way to show it off.
this picture is a brilliant story (it can be any story you want)

when ever i get into a romantic mood i always seemed to go back to Dean Martin. (i am a sucker for a good voice and nice smile)
John Wayne and Dean Martin Cooking could it get better??

Thursday, October 14, 2010

what you got, you ain't got nothing cause i got it all right here!

smiling works ( Dean Martin)
there are moments were you have to man up, and play it cool (Robert Mitchm)
Hello lady autumn is here!
feeling a bit frisky ( Ava Gardner)
theres always a dramatic moment that you have to make use of

Sunday, October 10, 2010

around and around

And were Off!
vintage art

friends are very helpful
Ever have to remind your self that your just a child?
Michael Jackson And Freddie Mercury
i allways say that i don't have a favorite color....but i really like yellow!
I know how she feels

Saturday, October 9, 2010

spinning brain

it's Funnier with a friend
Happy Birthday John Lennon! The man of imagination
Spinning in the wind!
running !
it's ok to be called on things