Wednesday, June 30, 2010


the sun is up amd so am i!!
I love looking at vintage magazines. and this cover from the 20s is so pretty,
The Ronnetts Hello nobody told me about them. they are such a grerat singing group. and i love there hit song "be my baby" and they are so pretty
Everybody knows i love marilyn monroe. and i love finding new pictures of her. and this one is so sweet ! she is dress down and she just looks like she is having fun!
I always thought this was a intriguing. i like to make up stories to pictures, and i thought she looks like she is trying to cheer him up.
Besse love, i have never seen her in a movie but i think she is so beautiful

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Joys of Joy

I had such a great daytoday. i felt so on the level ( a new term i am loving) i went from beeing so sick of everything to sick of myself for beeing that way, to beeing apsalutly happy with everyting. and all i had to do was forget about ME, and think of everyting and everybody else (^_^)

I have been loving clara bow, all of her pictures she looks so happy and like she is so much fun! i would love to spned the day with her i usually have a hard time with Madonna. i ether take her or leave her. and i founds these pictures (i forgot she was Italian) and they are so vintage, and so Italian hot momma looking. i love it!! it seems the Italian look is big hair lots of cleavage and jewelry,
Clara Bow again. she is so funny. i am actually i am a little
proud to have a version of the same name!
oskar werner is a amazing actor. and i love the way he looks and the way he is in his movies, so sweet and practical and caring
and i found another picture of marilyn monroe (i have a ton!)
in a lot of her pictures she looks kinda like she not realy clear she's not in control of her environment. but in this picture she looks powerful and smart, and sexy and realistic
I love ruffles and frills and pearls and corsets and flowers and everything in this picture, it is so glamorous
i thought this was a romantic picture. in the back seat of a car alone ;)

I love this picture of Fred Asaire and is older sister Adel.
and it makes me happy to have a little brother to play, dance,have,love!

Sick of my Self.

ok so it is a random day up ,down, back, forth, somewere, nowere, her, me, him. and so i caved and landed on my trusty computer for some nice clear blahness.. and here the beatifull pictures that came out of it

i was looking at one one my favorite art sites and found this drawing and i couldn't stop looking at it. everytime i looked at her she was exspressing a diffrent emotion in her face (or maybe that was me?)
when i saw the dessrt i just rememberd i have a sweet tooth. and it is so pretty
I reeling like the drawing of the girl,

I want to comfort Ronald Colman!!! Alfred Hitchock and one of the cooliest blonds (and the sexiest) Kim Novak
it would be so much fun to make a movie with alfred Hitchock!!!!
I found this picture of Sally Fields and i LOVE IT. she is so cute and innocent, but at the same time has this attitude ad Lolita fierceness sexiness quality
Sophia Loren was taking a break on the set of a movie, and i just love how close and frendly and happy and comfortable eveyone looks
I went from Italian Beauty Sophia Loren to Spanish Beauty Penelope Cruz, and oh my god i Can't get over her, she is so sensual looking and her eyes and her hair (I have a obsession with Hair)
Monica Belluchi is so freaking amazing looking In 1940 italy set movie Melena
And i love this picture.
Ingrid Bergman is so sweet looking in this photo i can't help but smile
she is so beautiful

Monday, June 28, 2010

i watch one of my favorite fred astaire movies today on the big screen, it was so amazing. i couldn't stop smiling. it is called broadway melody 1940 .it is so so so good

I am still riding off of the circus buzz!!
I was looking up vintage postcards again (cause i fricken love postcards)
and i found these

I am just oppsessed with this woman sophia loren, here are some of my favorite quotes of hers.

A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.
Sophia Loren

If you haven't cried, your eyes can't be beautiful.
Sophia Loren

Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got.
Sophia Loren

speaking of the wonderful lady, i watch Nine again. and i loved it again!!! it so good i want to watch 8 1/2 now! but the thing i love about nine is the music and how the songs are so cool. and the costumes, and the dancing!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


these are kinda extra to the last post (^_^)

Sophia Loren
A Romantic empty spot
I have been liking big hair today, and bridget bardot practicaly invented it!
I would love to travel the country in this, preforming shows to get by!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The little things are what keeps the day going

I can be having such a crap day, and all i feel like is stayin gin my house and keeping on the computer...... and then i find a picture, a picture that represents how i feel or some one i like that just makes me smile...... and my day is fixed yay!!

This picture is so cool. it says "everything has happened........and i don't care, i am still going"!! Robert Mithcem

This has got to be the sexiest photo ever!! his smile the naked sholder....i love it!! gregory peck!! (swoon)

Just dance, i can't look at these people with out smiling. its like when there dancing nothing else matters. I just want to dance all day long!!
Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers

Fred Astaire the only one who can everything seem so simple and easy!!

this is a awesome movie and a such a romantic picture, conoodleing by the lake (yay) Cary Grant and Sophia Loren
Oh My GOD!!! this is a great photo, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, and the great David Niven. i would love to hang out with these guys. and i want to know what there laughing about!
i love it! Bridget Bardot
the way i dream the city to be
a humble picture of the amazing Elizabeth Taylor
Color baby!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Men in my life!

OK so these are all the men that make me swoon like the little romantic girl i am with there unbelievable coolness and manliness and confidence (three words that almost mean the same thing) and i end up saying there name over and over. (^_^)
this list is organized alphabetically backwards

William Powell. Why: he looks like a good man, but has a devious smile. and he is so funny. favorite movies: The Thin Man. Reckless

William Holden. Why: He has a little boys mischievousness to him,with a mans edge for lust. Favorite Movies: Sabrina. The moon is blue

Spencer Tracy. Why: He allways knows what is right, and gently and forcfully fights for it at the same time with a sence of hourmor. Favorite Movies: adams rib. boom town. inherite the wind. favorite quotes: "Thank god for that little difference"

RONALD COLMAN. umm why? let me think......CAUSE HE IS AWESOME IN EVERY WAY!! he was suc a great silent actor (and georgas) and then when other silent actors were being thrown out, they found out that ronald colman had one of the amaizing voices ever. he is smart funny caring suductive strong.....there are so many ways to discribe how great he is. i won't go on favorite movies: champagne for ceasar, lost horizan, shangrila. prisnaor of zenda. a double life. random harvest.

Robert Mitchim. Why: Cause i don't think i could ever say no to him. he is smooth and suductive and funy and scary and he dosn't care. favorite movies: fire down below. river of no return.the grass is greener.

Richard Burton why: his pockmarked face, is powerfull amaizing voice, his amazing abilty to act. i don't know what it is about him i love so much, all i know is i could watch him forever. favorite movies: who afraid of virginia wolf, the spy who came in from the cold, anne of a thousand days. becket. the night of the iguana.

Rex Harrison. why: cause he is mean, and he can be mean cause he knows everything.
favorite movies: my fair lady.

Omar Sharif. why: cause i keep think he is the bad guy. favorite movies: funny girl, The Tamarind Seed.

Peter O'Toole. why: his love for the well written word. and his voice,and his sense of humor, and his ability and enthusiasm to do what ever he wants. favorite movies: my favorite year. becket. the lion in the winter. how to steel a million. the creator.

Paul Newman why: cause he is so freeken handsome. and he like to make fun of himself. and he allways knows everything. and he makes me blush just looking at him favorite movies: cool hand luke. cat on a hot tin roof. the hustiler. the towering inferno. butch cassidy and the sundance kid. the sting

marcello mastroianni. why: cause i can't get over how suave and cool he allways looks. favorite movies: la doce vita. yesterday today and tomorrow.

Louis Jourdan why: cause he allways looks like he is teasing her. favorite movies. gigi. three coins in the fountin. can can.

Humphrey Bogart why: cause he is the most powerfull man in the room, he is not the prettys boys in town but it dosn't matter. favorite movies: to have and have not. sabrina.

Frank Sinatra why: i don't know, i can't help it, favortie movies: on the town. from here to entirnity. young at heart.high socity. some came running.

Dean Martin why: cause he is funny and his voice and sweetness in all his movies seem so sincier. and he can play a ass too. favorite movies: some came running. artiest and models. your never to young. the young lions. all in a nights work.

David Niven why: cause he has boyish charm and mischievous manner, with the most proper personality. favorite movies: my man godfrey. the lady says no. the moon is blue. please don't eat the daisies.

Claude Rains why: cause he is the most versitile actor. he can be evil. he can confused . he can be good. he can be powerful. he can be weak. he is amaizing. favorite movies: Mister smith goes to washington. now voyager. casablanca. Mr. Skeffington. notorious. deception.

Clark Gable why: cause he looks like he allways has somthing up his sleeve, and he is laughing at you for not knowing. and i love watching him panic. favorite movies. wife vs secretary. gone with the wind. boom town. it happend in naples. the misfits.

Cary Grant why: cause he looks like he is thinking of a dirty joke. and i never no if he is good or bad. and his face is so interesting. he is so hilarious like a little boy. favorite movies: charade. notorious. suspicion. topper. holiday. only angels have wings. the Philadelphia story. monkey business.

well there it is. all the men that inspire me constantly in many ways, and will probably make a old maid of me, cause no man will ever compare (hopefully not)