Tuesday, November 23, 2010

weird and wonderful!

weird and wonderful
this is a sweet picture.! i like girls who can pull off short hair! could I??
and i have a girl crush on Cary Mulligan
I love being held more then anything, it is all about just sitting there and felling warmness all around you. Marilyn Monroe. Laurence oliver
i can't help my self ether to mix bitter and sweet! Gary Cooper
some times it is not the face that we see at all. The Beatles
this is a amazing picture. James Dean. i love when he wheres his glasses
Cary Mulligan. Lacey!
Marilyn Monroe Shopping for ties.
Fred Astaire Rita Hayworth. i am gonna start Dancing everyday!
Rita Hayworth
I love when i see someone smile a real smile! Elvis
I need to start sewing again. Elizabeth Taylor

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