Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am not all there! but i am all here!

How do you get over an Amazing dream/thought/vision?
today is the 71st birthday of The Wizard of Oz! and my favorite part of the film is when it is in sepia! The season are changing again, i can feel my life shaking out all the old leaves, and preparing for the new!

Reading has been so natrual to me lately, i just want to see and read stories all day long!

I have been sharing snacks lately, and i don't think anything tast better then when you share it! ;)

I have been thinking of Paul Newman again!!
he can make riding a bike look devious

You got to have fun! no matter what! and looking sillly is the door way to fun!

I love those quite moments sitting on the couch with someone you love!

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