Wednesday, June 23, 2010

relieved to be crazy

last night i had a dream i was crazy, and it was the answer to everything. like i could do or think how i wanted cause i was crazy.
and it was relieveing. and gene kelly reminded me of it!

I read a story about a little girl was in a movie, and she thought she was going to where a pretty dress (movie, glamour, pretty dress) and when she found out she was wereing rags she was upset, and so the star of the movie cary grant found out and bought her a pretty pink dress. i love the story so much now i want a pretty pink dress (^_^)

people just ruin a miserable day, you have to make sure your alone or you might lose it.

Dancing fantasy. a tall dark handsome man, a backless dress, dancing. i can just feel the tingles in my back just looking at this picture

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