Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Joys of Joy

I had such a great daytoday. i felt so on the level ( a new term i am loving) i went from beeing so sick of everything to sick of myself for beeing that way, to beeing apsalutly happy with everyting. and all i had to do was forget about ME, and think of everyting and everybody else (^_^)

I have been loving clara bow, all of her pictures she looks so happy and like she is so much fun! i would love to spned the day with her i usually have a hard time with Madonna. i ether take her or leave her. and i founds these pictures (i forgot she was Italian) and they are so vintage, and so Italian hot momma looking. i love it!! it seems the Italian look is big hair lots of cleavage and jewelry,
Clara Bow again. she is so funny. i am actually i am a little
proud to have a version of the same name!
oskar werner is a amazing actor. and i love the way he looks and the way he is in his movies, so sweet and practical and caring
and i found another picture of marilyn monroe (i have a ton!)
in a lot of her pictures she looks kinda like she not realy clear headed.like she's not in control of her environment. but in this picture she looks powerful and smart, and sexy and realistic
I love ruffles and frills and pearls and corsets and flowers and everything in this picture, it is so glamorous
i thought this was a romantic picture. in the back seat of a car alone ;)

I love this picture of Fred Asaire and is older sister Adel.
and it makes me happy to have a little brother to play, dance,have,love!

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  1. have you seen Jules and Jim (with Oskar Werner). Classic movie, think I first saw it in a movie theatre when I was just a bit younger than you are. And I absolutely loved it!