Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sick of my Self.

ok so it is a random day up ,down, back, forth, somewere, nowere, her, me, him. and so i caved and landed on my trusty computer for some nice clear blahness.. and here the beatifull pictures that came out of it

i was looking at one one my favorite art sites and found this drawing and i couldn't stop looking at it. everytime i looked at her she was exspressing a diffrent emotion in her face (or maybe that was me?)
when i saw the dessrt i just rememberd i have a sweet tooth. and it is so pretty
I reeling like the drawing of the girl,

I want to comfort Ronald Colman!!! Alfred Hitchock and one of the cooliest blonds (and the sexiest) Kim Novak
it would be so much fun to make a movie with alfred Hitchock!!!!
I found this picture of Sally Fields and i LOVE IT. she is so cute and innocent, but at the same time has this attitude ad Lolita fierceness sexiness quality
Sophia Loren was taking a break on the set of a movie, and i just love how close and frendly and happy and comfortable eveyone looks
I went from Italian Beauty Sophia Loren to Spanish Beauty Penelope Cruz, and oh my god i Can't get over her, she is so sensual looking and her eyes and her hair (I have a obsession with Hair)
Monica Belluchi is so freaking amazing looking In 1940 italy set movie Melena
And i love this picture.
Ingrid Bergman is so sweet looking in this photo i can't help but smile
she is so beautiful

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  1. I love all the unpainted space in the painting...Sally Field had a long running TV show called "the Flying Nun" I think--she was a sweet dynamo...Sophia with the Italian guys--wow, how amazingly intimate and sophisticated (in the best sense of that word)...Monica Belluchi was a Helena Bonham Carter-like great beauty and that photo is stand-alone great art...magnetic entree's as usual...thank you so much for sharing. bill