Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chasing the moon!

Ok I am getting braver with what i show you guys. how far i will let you into my obsessive brain ;)
I love men! i would not want to live with out them, and here is a few the them (and a few lovley ladies)

Johnny Depp!!!!! this is such a cool picture of the man you just explodes wih effortlessness style and charm. (and he is pretty) he Manly with out being coc, he is musical with out being flamboyant, sweet and caring with out losing mystery (ok i might had made up the last on my own)
Dean martin and two of his sons (he had seen children) i love this picture it just makes me smile!
Charlie Chaplen is the master at subtitle-y (?) he shows everything through movement and expression. and i want that tramp doll so much!!
Robert Mitchem The coolest most dangerous Hollywood star ever, dancing on the beach (can you feel the genius)
I feel like this picture to day, big poufy dresses admireing the circus on the beach

What will the day bring?!! that is one of the nicest questions!

Pendoras Box
I never get tired of finding pictures of Marilyn Monroe . i can just imaging being at some dinner event and your just taking pictures. and then you the her and she sees you and it could be awkward if you stare to long, and then she gives that smile that tells you that it's ok!
Rita Hayworth I love her. she looks so sweet! i just want to put her in my little pocket!!
I love women in mens clothing it is totally dapper as hell (and hot) and i love suspenders!
“A dame that knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up.”
-Mae West
and man did she ever!

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