Thursday, July 8, 2010


i like Disney princesses, there sweet and innocent, and child like, with haveing a womenly beauty to them (it's a great idea) so i like these drawing of them
i realy like this picture, modern rock and roll Madonna, and old romantic Venus.
I am ruler of my own life. now if i could only look as cool as she does. (Kate Moss)
I thought this picture went perfectly with what i am planning on dong to day........sitting around reading!!! i love drawings in 1920 fashion
i like the idea of a woman beeing able to play around and be as childlike as she wants, and still have womanly qualitys ;) this drawing captures it i think.
Jean Harlow is a really good actress, but i think most of the time she is a little scary looking.
but i love her personality, how she just does what she wants and is totaly confident in her self. and this is my favorite picture of her . (pretty sexy for 1930s)Audry Hepburn
I want a bathing suit like that!!

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