Monday, July 19, 2010

WHere did you go??

Michael Jaskon was awesome, and even if i didn't like him already. i would like this picture!! I admire a person who actually does what he likes (and not just weres the personality) like if you want to play in a hula it. don't care who is watching. it is my life i am going to do what i think is fun!
I am getting my body stronger now....and nothing makes you feel more fragile and more week then working on your body, until your done!! which i though was kinda a cool analogy for anything you do!
I think Eric Roberts is really cool looking!! his looks like the badass the grew up. his lips, the lines in his jaw. they all scream cool!
would you take crap from someone you loved!?? and for how long??
I like being wrapped up in my hair. but i have to know when to stop.
I had a dream about Italy last night!..
I think women look beautiful when they are at work!
Everybody is beautiful behind there mask.
Bridgette Bardot. I love lying on my floor.

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