Friday, July 30, 2010

Lets all get up and dance to a song!!

I love days that give you so much to do, you don't feel tired, but when your head hits the pillow......your asleep!

I love making the men in my life happy! even with such trivial things
I wonder if you know how calming and comforting you are??
I can't get away from ice's so sweet!
it;s amazing to be known with out dialog
" one of these days.....One OF These DAys........BAM!!..straght to the moon!"
You knew so much work could be so fun
don't you love those moments when no ones watching?
looking at other lives can be inspiring.
when i saw this picture, i remembered i had a dream about Gary Cooper, i wanted to touch his face??!!!? dreams don't make sense.........but i still kinda want to touch his face.
It's raining. and it's smells amazing!


  1. Following you into the un-scripted (and scripted) moments of cultural icons from my childhood is so relaxing and interesting to some part of me. I wonder if you know how calming and comforting this is. Thank you so much for this blog. Is that someone else's arm over the shoulder of the woman in the rainy window?

  2. Rear Window is Hitchcock's finest and Jimmy Stewart....just subliminal!