Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am in love!!!...................with everything

Adventure, alone, wind, nothing makes you feel more your self.!
Some days music is your only friend,parent,lover,comfort!
Calm is a sense of color
I want to be in venus, walking along the street at night. watching the water, near a street light!
What the big idea..!........Am i dumb or somthing!
this is awesome!
Betty Page, was a hot sassy thing. but she had her moments of plain simple beauty
Shows you everybody just wants to break out and dance some times (Marilyn Monroe)
This painting hurts (in a beautifull way)
Ok i am admit...........I like twilight... I read the books and fell madly in loved with them. and yesterday i watch the first movie. and i reaaly like robert patterson! ...........I allways was a sucker for a smile, and look at his!!!!!
ok had a girly moment with twilight, but i am back on track.. FOOD!! these sweet potatoes thingys look so good. i am so to attempt to make them!!

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