Monday, July 5, 2010

down the rabbit hole

I love stories, thats what feeds a romantics brain,....stories.
and this picture seemed to show that quality perfectly
I love finding pictures of the behind the scenes. seeing the unglamorous parts make it all so much more real!!
I relate to this picture alot, i don't even want to tell.
Some times the smell of perfection is all we need! smells seem more down to earth when it comes to romance. it seems believable, more comforting.!
I always knew this crab was smart .
dosn't it make you feel like a child (in the best sense of the word) when you find it is actually the little things that get us down
I will never stop loving this woman. she is the perfect sheet of paper to draw with my brushes of romantic daydream pencels with. and i love old buildings and young beautiful women!
Dark hair is so alluring, it is so powerfully feminine .
I can't even say all the reasons i like this picture yet (i haven't thought of all them) it is like my very own fairytale place!
Fred Astaire and sister Adel. they were such great team, on and off stage!
it is scary this blog business. i am getting pretty relaxed about how far i will bring you guys down the rabbit hole of my mind ;)


  1. Claire, this blog is great! How can I watch 'A View From The Bridge' online? I did that play at school and love it too. Lilly

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