Friday, July 9, 2010

Singing to the sun!

It's a strange moment when you look down at your feet, and you don't know were your going. Eartha Kitt and Nat king Cole, they are so lovable

Sophia Loren, i want to make my photos pop with so much color!

sophia loren, marcello mastroianni, Federico Fellini, the perfect team. i love how happy they look , i can imagine what they said to make her laugh

Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy. I would love haveing spencer trazy be on my side.

i love roof top pictures, especially in foreign country's (like Italy ;) it is so pretty

i like the idea of a young gamine woman, i know Sophia Loren is not thin (which gamine implys) but the kind houmorous street woman part of it,

Elizabeth Taylor

Judi Dench was a beauty oh my god.

RIchard Burton, Sophia Loren,

I am loving this song, i find myslef sing it over and over

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